Booking a LSP

Signs In Vision was set up to address the need of providing more Language Service Professionals (LSPs), ensuring that there is greater access for the Deaf Community.

We are a professional agency using a range of registered and experienced interpreters as well as trainee interpreters. Signs in Vision offer mentoring to all Signs in Vision LSPs through face to face discussions and feedback. We also offer de-briefing sessions to LSPs who are working in difficult and complex situations e.g. child care, mental health and any distressing situations that can happen during the course of our daily work.

Signs in Vision works alongside Local Authority Departments, Health Trusts, Police, Legal Representatives (including Court Interpreting), Social Services, Mental Health and Education. This is not an exhaustive list but, shows the breadth of services we cover.

Signs in Vision has also provided LSPs for theatre interpreting, weddings, funerals, voluntary community groups and organisations to improve both awareness and equality, therefore empowering the Deaf Community and our partner organisations.

If you are interested in being registered with our agency, please send details of your registration to